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The next morning..the chihuaha was changed into her baggy jeans and green top. "Ready mom!" she called. "Well that was quick!" she replied. "Yeah..very quick" dad scoffed under his breath, folding his arms. "Get ready for the mall or we'll be late!" mom said, walking up to dad. "Yeah, so?" he replied. "I dont want it to BE PACKED!" mom exclaimed. "It's going to be packed anyway so whats the point?" dad scoffed. Mom pulled a disgusted face, "JUST GET CHANGED" she snapped, pushing dad to the bathroom. 

Dad sighed and got changed without making a fuss.

Later at the mall..it was not so packed and the family was happy. Mom and Lilith were having a good look around. Dad wasn't intrested so he stormed off to another isle. He saw a prank isle where they sell pranking items. Dad blinked at them and saw some eletric chewing gum. He was about to eat it so he picked it up. Dad ate it and saw some wind-up teeth. He done a mischevious grin at it but it didnt do much. The wind-up teeth jumped up and bit his nose! 

Dad screamed loudly and ended up running into selves and people. "OH LORD! HELP ME! WOW, YOU'RE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS FOR NOT HELPING ME. THANKS ALOT. Oh well, here comes..LILITH AND MOM?!" he screamed. 

Mom and Lilith stood still staring at dad going very fast to them. "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!" he shrieked with wind-up teeth on his nose. Lilith started laughing..but she ended up snorting and wetting herself. Mom blinked and started to laugh aswell. "No time for laughing guys..TIME TO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" dad shrieked. The girl darted up to her dad and ripped the teeth off his nose.

Dad's nose looked terrible. Lilith blinked and felt sorry for dad.