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Joy woke up with a jolt from a sleep she'd never meant to have. Her eyes were tired and not full of energy. "It's morning!" she yawned. Joy was laying on her bed. "Woops..it's not morning.." she thought, "Father will be so cross".

The German Sheperd dog ran down the stairs. "Hi parents!" she said. "What time do you call this? We were about to go to the park!" father snapped, pointing to his watch. "Oh! Sorry father! I just fell to sleep for a few minutes! Ok, I'll just get changed...." Joy replied, running into the bath-room to get changed. 

Two minutes later...

Joy came out of the bath-room with a baby-blue top, navy skinny shorts and orange sneakers. Her hair was up in a bun and her tail had a bow on it. "We're only going to the park. There's no need to get dolled up" father said. Mother put on her shoes. "Ok! It's time to go!" mother grinned. 

At the park.....

The family sat down on the lush green grass. Father was holding a picnic-basket and un-packing the food. Joy picked up a ham-sandwich then dropped it. She saw something bad. There was a little kitten being surrounded by big, tough dogs who hated cats and kittens. Joy shot up. "Me to the rescue!" she said, like a life-guard. "Don't be silly, you're not a life-guard" father interrupted. "It would be nice if you were though" mother smiled. "I don't have time for this" Joy interrupted. "I'm off to save a kitten!". 

The German Sheperd dog ran across the park to get to the kitten. The dogs looked up and stopped growling at the kitten, but growling at Joy. Joy punched the dogs in the face, hurting their muzzles. The dog quickly picked up the kitten and ran back to the picnic. 

The little kitten was scared of what might happen next. She looked up at Joy and buried her head between Joy's arm. The kitten thought Joy would be tough like the other dogs but she wasn't. "I am kind. There's nothing to be scared of" she said softly. The kitten looked up again. Her eyes wide and her paws shaking. All the sudden, she clinged onto the dog's arm. "Can I keep her please???" Joy asked. Father rolled his eyes and sighed, "Ok". 

"Renn the kitten".