The sky woke up and animals were humans..except from mom and dad..they were still strange.

"Morning Lilith!" mom and dad called. As soon as they walked in, they were really shocked to see their daughter as a.....HUMAN!!!!!

Lilith's fur turned to skin. Her eyes weren't pink and now blue. Her hair was still blonde and her skin was white. She had no claws but nails.

Dad's eye twitched and mom's face looked odd. Lilith looked puzzled..then she knew why her parents felt strange. "I'm a human..? Oh my god" she said to herself. "" mom said. "I know" Lilith said with a angry face. "What happened?" mom asked. "Well, it happened this way....."

"I heard that there was this horrible spell called Humantons. It would turn a animal into a human and it wares off if you go swimming. The spell has germs and if it goes in water, it melts, it dies and then...your human appearence turns back to your animal self".

"Wow...LET'S GO SWIMMING!" dad said. 

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