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It was night time. There were loads of people staying inside at all costs and hiding under their blankets. There was a horrible spell going around, turning every animal citizen into a human. 

The chihuaha had no idea why people were hiding. Was it because people were saying the world's going to end and it was going to end now? No, it ain't! 

Lilith was laying in her baby blue top with a yellow duck on it with pink trimmings, on top of her bed. She felt happier now with a new room instead of sleeping in that horrible, dusty attic. She turned over with her face in her pillow like someone sticking a thing onto another thing, like for instance: glue and paper.

The night was full of screams, shrieks, wails, exclaiming, shouting and worser noises. Lilith was dreaming a calm dream but then, the screams got stuck into her mind and her calm dream turned into a disturbing dream. She woke up with her eye twitching, feeling angry. 

She went down stairs to have a big carton of eggnog all to herself, then the drink made her calmer and it made her more sleepy.