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People grabbed bars of the cage, crying and screaming for help. Dad came in, looking tired and sweaty. 

Everybody got excited, wagging their tails..well...the humans were excited too but they didn't have any tails. 

"I'll get all of you outta here" dad whispered, holding the big key to open the cage. He stuck the key into the key-hole.  He smiled triumphantly. "Look behind you!" a human girl called, pointing. 

Dad turned his head..then he screamed. There was a big, robot dog called Monster Dog. He was the one that was destroying a bit of the city and kidnapping everyone. His yellow eyes turned angry red. Dad twisted the key, quickly as he could. It opened a bit but then..the robot grabbed dad and locked the cage.

"Ha ha ha. You lose, pathetic chihuaha" the robot said in a evil robot voice. Dad's eyes went a bit wet. Without thinking, he bit the robot's thumb and made it scream.