There was a bit of pain going around. Dad felt something strangle him but nothing was there. He groaned in pain, feeling upset. "Stimpy! Lilith! Help!" he called. No-one came down. "I'm being serious, PLEASE!" he shouted. No-one replied. Dad gulped, feeling nervous. Had someone kidnapped his family? No, it couldn't be. 

Dad felt something touch his scalp. He jumped up and legged it up the stairs. He opened each door, one door to another. No-one was in the house..but him. "Where's my family?!" he exclaimed, feeling angry. "There gone" a eerie voice replied. "What? Who said that?" dad asked, holding a hammer in his shaking fists. "To the big cage......" the voice said. Dad gulped, looking puzzled "Where's that?" he asked. "In the pie factory" the voice called. "The pie factory??" dad asked. "Yes" the voice said, raising it's voice, "Good luck". "WAIT! I NEED YOUR-help...?" "Oh lord". 

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