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The day grew more boring and quiet. Dad sighed, rolling his eyes. "What can I do today? Oh, I wonder! Well at least mom isn't awake to disturb my patience and thoughts. She's just up stairs sleeping. Yeah, that's right. Dreaming her stupid, pathetic little dreams". He sighed and switched on the TV. Dad turned his head to keep an eye out for her daughter and mom, waking up. He smiled in his cup, then it spilt everywhere on him.

"OWWWWWW!" he hissed, feeling the coffee go through him, like someone being burnt by the sun. In the distance there was evil laughter. Dad blinked feeling like, he was imagining noises. 

Two long legs were walking through the city, crushing one car by another. Long metal arms reached down on the street, picking up people. Fire flied through the city like there was a dragon blowing fire at someone. Screaming filled the morning sky. 

The coffee faded away off the parent's body. His claws were dug deep into the chair's arms. His right eye twitched and his feet were feeling numb.