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In the morning, everybody was opening their presents and full of Christmas cheer, so was the chihuaha. She was buzzing but she fell asleep on the chair! The parents came down stairs. Dad sat down on his chair. "Dad, look" Lilith said, pointing at the ceiling. Dad looked up at the ceiling and saw a mistle-toe! He gulped quickly, knowing what was going to happen.

Mom saw dad sitting underneath the mistle-toe and ran up to him. "Oh......crap......" he thought. Without him escaping, mom jumped to him and kissed him. 

Lilith laughed. Dad's face looked really blank like a piece of paper with no drawing on it. Lilith laughed even more. Dad ran to a bedroom and felt like crying. Then he noticed mom. The parent screamed and the door shut behind him. 

What a weird and lovely Christmas!