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It was night time..again. It was also very dark and the night sky was full of stars. The dad went outside to lay on the grass and make a wish. "I wished that I had more of a easier life instead of my friend shouting at me at times, because I'm talking to her. She always interrupts and I think it has to stop, don't you..wishing star? Please make my wish come true". He blinked and looked up. "Hello" mom said. Dad jumped, feeling startled. "You're wish made me feel really uncomfortable" mom frowned. "You were....EAVESDROPPING ON ME?!" dad exclaimed. Mom hung her head in shame, "Yes" she said, looking down at her feet. 

In the morning..it was now Christmas Eve! "OH GREAT. One more day until bad Christmas" dad thought. The chihuaha switched on the TV, sitting down on the couch. "It's Christmas tommorrow, dad" she said, looking at her parent. "I know, no need to remind me" he replied. 

It was now another night. Santa's sleigh bells were ringing very loudly. Lilith tip-toed down the stairs. She opened the curtains slowly to see if she could see Santa with his reindeers and his sleigh. When Lilith was just a little pup, she was in the orphanage and on every Christmas Eve, she would gaze out of her window to see if she could see Santa. She known loads of people doing that when they were little. Lilith caught Santa in his sleigh and his reindeers flying with their jingling-bells ringing. 

Santa winked at Lilith. She jumped, feeling scared. In the blink of an eye, Santa was gone.