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In the restraunt, there were two naughty children with a remote-control car, holding a remote-control. "Where should the car go to?" the boy asked. "Near that ugly person with pink, EVIL eyes!" his sister said in a evil voice. "Who? Him?" the boy asked, pointing at Lilith's dad. "Yep. HIM" the girl grinned, pointing at him. The children were laughing and starting up the car. 

The car was going really fast underneath the family's table. "Can you hear something?" mom asked. "Nope" Lilith replied. "Ok, I was just wondering" mom said in a bored voice. The car slipped underneath the parent's dog feet, then dad and the car went really fast.

"HELP!" dad screamed, gripping hold of the car, sitting on top of it's roof, trying not to fall off. It tipped and he landed in the fountain that was in the middle of the restraunt. Dad lifted his head out of the water, "Ay chihuaha!" he blurted out. 

He saw the most fantastic woman, he has ever seen before. "TIME TO GO!" mom exclaimed happily, grabbing dad's arm and dragging him across the floor. "Rennie, that was so embarrasing!" mom said. "What, I just saw a girl. What's wrong with that?" dad replied. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH ME!" mom shouted. "But I like you but not in that kind of way and by the way, you're a-" "I KNOW!" mom interrupted angrily. Dad and Lilith went really quiet and didn't say another word until they got home.