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It was the 23rd of December and people were excited about Christmas..well..almost everyone. The chihuaha was making toast for her dad, instead of him making it. "Here you go dad" she said, giving her parent a plate with toast on it. "Thanks" dad mumbled, focusing on the newspaper. Lilith jumped onto the couch, resting her head on the chair's arm. "I can't wait until Christmas!" she muttered to herself. "So am I! I can't wait to open my presents and use the mistletoe!" mom smiled. "I beg your pardon?" dad said, looking up at mom with his ears back. "The mistletoe!" mom replied, waving her arms around. "What about it?" dad asked, putting down his newspaper. "Like everyone else that uses a mistletoe, we'll kiss underneath it!" mom smiled. Dad felt disgusted, pulling a face like he was about to be sick. He liked mom but not in that kind of way. 

"What's wrong dear?" mom asked. Dad shuddered, "Nothing" he replied. 

It was 2 days until Christmas and everybody became more buzzing. 

Later on...the family went to a restraunt to eat and talk. Mom and Lilith and dad were eating. "This is lovely" mom said with her mouth full. "I agree" the chihuaha said with her mouth full. The other parent didn't say anything much. He turned his head and sighed.