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It was another dark night but it was warmer. The chihuaha layed still, staring at the ceiling. Her phone beeped. She recieved a text. Lilith picked up her phone with her scrawny fingers and stared at it. The text said "I know it's late and all, but can i tell you a few things? My name is Dash, the huskey that you fell in love with yesterday. And..tomorrow..do you want to go to the rotating restraunt? Just you and me, Ok? I love you. Love from, Dash xxx". Lilith smiled at her text and put her phone down. 

In the morning, the chihuaha ran down the stairs looking happy. "MOM! DAD!" she called. "Yes dear?" the mom asked politely, siping a cup of tea. "The huskey from yesterday, his name is Dash" she said. "Yeah, and??" dad asked sarcasticly, with his ears back. "He asked me to go to the rotating restraunt with him. Just me and Dash" Lilith replied. "Oh, HOW WONDERFUL!" mom smiled. "Yeah, wonderful" dad scoffed, reading the newspaper. "What time?" he asked. "7 in the evening" Lilith replied. "That's far too late dear, but you can still go out" mom said. "Thanks mom. You're so lovely" Lilith smiled.

At 7:00pm..Dash was sat at a table, looking at his watch. The table had a vase with roses and candles. Lilith arrived in a little pink, sparkly dress with a hawaiian flower in her golden locks. She sat down gently on the chair. "Hi Dash. I'm here" she smiled. "Wow. She's beautiful. More beautiful in a dress, a flower in her hair and make-up" Dash thought. He was speechless. Then, the rotating restraunt went too fast.

Lilith slipped off her chair with spaghetti bolongese sauce covering her mouth. "It's too fast" she said. "Don't worry. It'll slow down" Dash grinned. It went soooo fast that it made everyone dizzy and fly out the windows. The chihuaha gripped hold of a bar near the window. "AAAH! HELP!!!" she screamed. Dash gasped and phoned Lilith's mom and dad. Minutes later..they arrived. Lilith shrieked, "HELP ME MOM! HELP ME DAD!" "MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!" mom screamed."OH MY GOD! I'LL SAVE YOU!" dad said, running towards Lilith. "Grab my hand" he said. Lilith moved her hand but then her other hand slipped and she flew out of the window, screaming. "MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the mom screamed with tears in his eyes. Dad sniffled with his ears back, wiping his nose. "Poor Lilith" he muttered. Mom wrapped his arm around dad and took him home.