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It was night time and it was silent..yet dark. Lilith sat up in her new bed, looking around. "It's really dark in here. I hope Mr..oh...i mean-Mom. I hope Mom will make me warm because it's bloomin' cold in here!" Lilith thought, shivering. The door creaked. "I wished Dad picked me a different room instead of me sleeping in the Attic as my new 'bedroom'" she thought. "Why are you awake Lilith? You should be asleep. It's getting late" dad said. "Sorry Dad. I just can't..you know..i just can't get to sleep. It's too..cold" Lilith said quietly, shaking with her face pale. "Oh..why dont you sleep on the sofa? It's warm, snuggly and fat" dad replied. Lilith got up and went down the stairs, with a pillow in her arms. 

Minutes later...she was fast asleep.

In the morning...Lilith woke up, yawning and stretching. Her blonde shiny hair was messy and scruffy. Mom and dad were up making breakfast. "Do you think you took this too far? I mean..never mind but we need to know....how are we going to buy clothes and buy hair accessories?" dad whispered in the mom's ear. "We'll buy it" he whispered back. "WE CANT JUST WASTE OUR MONEY AND LIFE ON THAT KID!!!" dad shouted. Lilith was sat up with her face shocked. Her pink eyes filled up with tears. "Oh. I'm sorry. Please dont cry! Please! I just get a bit mad! All dads get angry, right? Oh, please dont cry!" the dad said. Lilith held back her tears with her face filled with sadness like a jar full of sweets. The tears faded away. "Sorry dad. I still love you" Lilith said quietly, hugging her dad tight. 

The mom smiled. "How about we go to the cafe?" he asked. "Okay!" Lilith smiled.

Later at the Cafe, people took up all the tables. "Now WHERE DO WE SIT?!" dad said through is teeth. "Over here!" mom pointed out with a sassy finger. The three of them ran to the table. A boy took the table. "Oh sorry sir. I didnt know this was your seat" he apoligized. "That's ok" Lilith smiled. The boy Huskey turned around and saw the  little chihuaha. His eyes sparkled and so did Lilith's. "She's..um...how do i describe it? Adorable!" the huskey thought. "He's so cute. I wished I could be his girlfriend but is he taken? I hope not." she thought. The boy got nervous. "Do you want to be my um...girl...um..friend? Girlfriend?" he asked, shaking. "YES!" Lilith squealed, running up towards the huskey. They hugged eachother. "I dont blame her. She's in love with an idiot, oh great! What else could go wrong?" the dad thought with his arms crossed, with his ears back.  "Aww! They look so adorable together!" the mom thought, clapping.