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Hours later..the chihuaha woke up in hospital, startled. "Mom? Dad?" she said, scanning her hospital room. "You're mom and dad aren't here, dear" a voice said from the hall. Lilith blinked, "Who's there??" she asked, shaking. "I'm your nurse" the voice replied. The nurse walked in. "Do you remember your accident?" she asked. "No, miss" Lilith replied. "You look poorly" the nurse frowned, feeling the girl's temprature. "I do?" Lilith asked. "You do indeed" the nurse smiled. Lilith frowned. "I want my mom and dad" she said. "I'll bring them here then" the nurse replied, smiling and walking out the room.

The chihuaha waited. 

"MOM! DAD!" she exclaimed, smiling at her parents walking in. "I MISSED YOU!" mom exclaimed with tears in her eyes, full of joy. Dad didn't do much but folded his arms, not caring anymore. "I missed you dad" Lilith said. Dad turned his head to face his daughter. Her arms reached out to give her dad a hug. They were hugging and mom started to cry more with joy, holding a piece of tissue. Dad started to cry with happiness in his pink eyes, hugging his precious daughter. "I love you" his daughter whispered. The dad smiled and turned to see the nurse quickly. "When is she coming home?" he asked. "Now" she replied.

The parents smiled and took their child home.