The world was getting worse. The chihuaha was eating a bowl of Coco Pops. "Mom?" she asked with her mouth full. "Yes dear?" mom asked. "My throat hurts" the girl replied. "Oh dear!" mom gasped, covering her mouth. Dad walked up to Lilith with a spoon and a medicine bottle, "Have some medicine-" "Say, have some medicine sweet pea" mom whispered quickly. Dad paused, blinking at mom, "Ok" he thought. The dad's mouth was shut like a box that was locked up, gripping the spoon, shaking and sweating. "Here have some medicine...sweet...pea..." he said nervously. Lilith swallowed some medicine and blinked at her parents. She started to pull a disgusted face and wipe her tongue on her arm and started to cough. "Eww! That medicine was GROSS!" she blurted out. Mom sighed, slapping her fore-head. "But darling, you need medicine. Without medicine you'll become more ill" she said, wrapping an arm around her chihuaha daughter. "Ok, i'll have one more bit" Lilith gulped. "Good girl" mom smiled, holding a spoon covered in medicine. "OPEN WIDE!" she grinned. Lilith opened her mouth with her eyes shut like blinds. The medicine was gone. Lilith pulled another weird face with her head feeling dizzy. 

Then, the girl fainted on the floor with her hand on her fore-head and with her eyes shut. The parents gasped. "Oh lord" dad mumbled, covering his mouth. "Oh no" mom said, shaking and holding back her tears, trying not to cry. "Oh lord!!!!" she blurted out, holding Lilith in her arms, rocking her like a baby, "Don't worry darling. The ambulence will be here any minute" she whispered, trying not to cry again. 

The ambulence siren was in the distance. Dad was gazing out of the window, looking worried. "The ambulence will be here, yes it will be here" he muttered to himself in a crazy voice. The ambulence arrived. They put the weakling in the ambulence vehicle and drove off into the distance.

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