It was the afternoon. About 3 o'clock.

The chihuaha and her parents were at the beach. Children played in sand and people splashed water onto others in the sea. Lilith laughed, holding her strawberry ice-cream. Mom was reading a magazine, laughing and smiling. Dad was putting on some sun-cream, smiling. Then his smile turned to a angry face. The evil children from the restraunt was there! Dad's eye twitched. He walked up to the siblings with yellow eyes and picked them up, by the heads. "You idiots have caused enough trouble for one day!" dad snapped, digging his claws into their skulls. The evil mom turned her head and took off her sunglasses. "You leave my babies alone" she said, strangling dad. Lilith and mom were too busy laughing still. Dad was choking, "Ok..I'll..stop....." he wheezed. "Fine" the black cat said, letting go of his throat. The dad coughed and looked up at the evil mom. 

Her eyes were beautiful. Shiny eyes that looked like gold. Mom and Lilith turned their head to see dad and blink, feeling speechless. Mom just sat there, not stopping her friend. "You're a pretty woman" dad smiled, pointing at the evil woman. Then, he dug into the sand and found a precious flower, "I found this for you" he smiled. "I know where else to go" he said. "You stay here!" he called, pointing at Mom and his daughter.

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