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The parents and child were asleep and it was the morning! Time for the funeral!

Hours later, they arrived at the funeral. Lilith was walking slowly to her chair, wearing a black dress with a rose in her hair, holding a hankey. 

When they sat down, dad looked down at his feet, then looked at mom. "I need to take a whiz" he hissed. "It's a bit late now, the funeral has already started" mom replied. 

One hour later, "Any words about Dash Eskimo?" the male funeral person asked. "Can i say a few things?" a woman said, raising a hand. "Of course" he smiled. A welsh border collie walked up with a frilly black dress with a mini hat on her head, holding a hankey and looking gloomy. 

"Dash Eskimo was a great friend. A friend to everyone. He was kind and never violent. He would treasure someone that he loved and that was me. I was his girlfriend. He loved me with all his heart and he would do anything for me. Except from buying me a new car and ask for a proposal because he didnt have enough...money". The collie broke into tears. The chihuaha was shocked to hear that Dash was cheating on her with a girl called Natasha. 

Lilith was wiping her tears away with her hankey, then she stood up. "HE WAS MY BOYFRIEND. NOT YOURS. HE LOVED ME MORE THAN ANYTHING AND ANYONE. YOU'RE JUST A LIAR. LIAR, LIAR, BUM'S ON FIRE!" she screamed. Then she heard a noise. She turned her head and saw her dad peeing in a bucket. "DAD!" she hissed. 

"YOU MAKE ME SICK. HE WAS MINE. NOT YOURS. MINE, MINE, MINE!" Natasha screamed (the collie). 

Lilith and Natasha started to fight and hurt eachother badly. 

People stared.