At night time, a letter slipped through the letter box. The chihuaha was startled and ran down the stairs. Mom was making noodles. "Oww! I burnt my finger!" she squealed, staring at her finger, turning a bit red. "Can you cook dear?" she asked, turning her head to see dad. "Uh......sure........" he replied, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. He put all that stuff down and done some cooking. 

Lilith paused, blinking at her parents. "SWEET PEA!!!" dad screamed, pointing a thin finger. "GET BACK TO BED NOW!!!" he screamed. Lilith was shaking in her little baby blue top, with a little yellow duck on it with pink trimmings. "I just heard a letter come through the door" she replied quietly. "DON'T WORRY. I'LL READ IT MYSELF" dad snapped, walking up to the door. He bent down and ripped the envelope open with his claws. He was scanning the letter quickly. "A funeral for you're dead boyfriend, Dash?" he said, turning his head towards Lilith. "What?" she asked. Mom scanned the letter aswell. "It's tommorrow!" she said in a bit of a worried voice. 

"Nevermind. We'll still go there but I needed to drink coffee, read the newspaper and watch Ellen" dad said. "But you don't need to do it now" the girl smiled. "Yeah i know" dad replied. 

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