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It was dusk. The sky was very dark and no-one went outside. The chihuaha was fast asleep, dreaming her stupid little dreams. 

Dash was walking around with his hands in his pockets. A car was driving in the wrong way. The husky didn't see the car. The car got faster. Dash screamed and then he got ran over. 

In the morning, Lilith rubbed her little eyes, yawning and streching. She went downstairs looking tired. Lilith looked at her parents and smiled, but then..the smile turned into a shocked expression. She ran up to the window and saw Dash laying dead in the middle of the road.

The girl's eyes went a bit misty. Mom walked behind Lilith and saw what her daughter was sad about. "Oh my goodness" mom said, covering her mouth. "What?" dad asked. He was pushing through the two people like a little person trying to get through hoards of people. Dad gasped and screamed at the same time. 

The chihuaha cried and ran up to her parents and gave them a hug. "He's dead...." she said, trembling.