It was 5:00 in the morning. Dog yawned and stretched his arms. "Morning Cat!" he said happily. Cat's head was buried in the pillow, trying to ignore his twin brother. "CAT!" Dog shouted. Cat jumped and his pillow went flying, "WHAT?!" he spluttered. "TIME TO GET UP!" Dog replied angrily. Cat sighed and yawned, "Why?" Dog rolled his eyes, "Because it's nearly Christmas and i'm so excited!" he said. "Oh..that" Cat yawned, "What about it?" "We need to put up our tree!" Dog gasped. Cat growled, "Would you SHUT UP ABOUT CHRISTMAS?!" he spluttered quickly. "Uh....." "NEVER MIND!" Cat shouted. He grabbed Dog's arm and dragged him down the stairs like a little girl dragging her teddy across the pathment. Cat looked very bright red with his teeth grinding together, steam coming out of his head and his eyes blood red. Dog gulped and started to shake, "Ok...i'll put up the" he swallowed. Cat stared at Dog, folding his arms and raising an eyebrow. The foxhound was placing the tinsel on the tree but then he got disturbed. The door knocked very loudly. The brothers jumped and their hair was standing up like the hairs on the back of your neck. Cat opened the door slowly..there was no-one there. He was looking around the front garden and was there. Cat raised a fist, "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY DON'T YOU?! YOU'RE A SCOUNDREL! WAIT UNTIL I FIND YOU!" he shouted. Nearburgians gasped in horror, dropping their groceries. Cat blinked in silence. People stared. "You shouldn't be shouting mister! There's a little child infront of you! You should know better!" a woman said. Cat blinked, "What kid?" he asked. "THAT KID" the woman replied angrily, pointing at a little child on the welcome mat. Cat looked down and saw a little girl. Dog pushed his brother out of the way and saw the precious child, a person could ever have. The little girl's eyes sparkled, smiling at the dog's face. She reached out for Dog's nose and rested her hand on it. Dog blushed and picked up the precious child, smiling at her little face. "You're so adorable!" he said. The girl smiled. "We're going to adopt you" Dog whispered in the little child's ear. "WAY!!!!!!!!!!!" the child squealed happily, hugging Dog's chest. "What did you say to her?" Cat said, touching his brother's shoulder. "I said we'll adopt her" Dog replied. Cat felt embarrased. "What?" he said. "I did though" his twin replied. "Why?" the cat replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Because this little cutie pie loves me" the dog replied. "So.....who's the mom..?" he asked. "You can be the mom and i can be the dad. By the way, you do actually act like a girl infront of a little child" Cat replied. "Ok!" Dog smiled. So Cat is the dad and Dog is the dad. 

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